Terms and Conditions for Acceptance



Admission Requirements

  • Students must show evidence of satisfactory performance — records of attendance, behavior and academics.
  • Students must submit an application by December 15, 2017. The application must include an essay written by the student. Out-of-district transfer students of Aldine ISD employees must have been enrolled in AISD during the entire 2016-2017 school year.
  • Students must abide by the District's Student Code of Conduct as well as the school's policies.
  • Students must abide by the school’s dress code. Students can wear professional business attire and/or business casual wear. Appropriate attire requires a collared shirt with the school logo with slacks or a skirt. They can wear a uniform similar to that worn in business or industry of their program of study. Business casual wear does not include denim, wrinkled clothing, shorts, tight or revealing clothing. Students will wear industry-certified footwear at all times. In general, students are to dress as required by the stan­dards of their field. The school will require students to dress for safety considerations and the specific work place situation.
  • Students must be willing to take part in dual-credit courses. They must be willing to take coursework that leads to obtaining national industry licenses.
  • Students must follow professional standards while working off-campus in internships at local businesses.

How will students be selected for CTE High School?

  • Students must have a completed application on file by December 15, 2017.
  • The Blanson CTE High School Admissions Committee will evaluate applications.
  • The school will inform students of their acceptance in the spring of 2018.
  • Each traditional high school allocates seats by percentages. If a program of study receives more applications than there are available seats, the selection committee will use a lottery procedure to admit applicants.
  • Students admitted to Blanson CTEHS must attend an information meeting in the spring of 2018. They must attend with their parents and/or legal guardians. Each must sign the Student-Parent-School Agreement Form.

Students Receiving Special Services

Students receiving special services must attend a committee meeting. They must attend with their parent or guardian. The meeting will determine if services can be appropriately implemented before placement can occur.